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30 Award Units accross centre and periphery, Arab sector, youth villages 

Over 2,500 Participants  


Authorized by the Ministry of Education

Who we are

The “International Award for Young People – Israel” is a renowned self-development programme available to all young people in Israel, between the ages of 14 – 24. Using experiential learning in four carefully selected areas:  Physical Recreation, Skills, Adventurous Journey and Community Service, young people are equipped with essential life skills to make a difference to themselves and their communities. The programme is accessible to anyone – boys or girls – regardless of background or prior experience

Each of the four chosen sections has its own purpose:

1. Physical Recreation – adopting a healthy lifestyle; overcoming physical and mental challenges; developing      

    aspiration to succeed and excel.
2. Skills – encouraging personal development and sense of achievement; enhancing existing skills with persistence  

    and patience.
3. Adventurous Journey – overcoming physical, social and mental challenges; strengthening self-confidence and

    teamwork and enhancing problem solving particularly in unfamiliar environments. 
4. Community Service (volunteering) – uncovering and developing inner strengths through support and giving to


The International network: The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Programme

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award (the Award) was first established in the United Kingdom in 1956 by HRH The Duke of Edinburgh.

The programme is geared towards the young person’s choice of extracurricular activities. Every participant has an older mentor (Award Leader), who supports, encourages and strengthens them along their journey through the programme.  The Award operates in 144 countries and territories, and 8 million young people have taken part to date!


The Award is comprised of three levels: Bronze for beginners, Silver for intermediates and Gold level for advanced.
According to the International Award Association’s criteria, the minimal time frame to complete each level is 6 months for the Bronze level, 12 months for the Silver level and 18 months for the Gold level.  At the Gold level, participants also complete a week-long Residential Project for the benefit of their community, working with people from other groups who they would otherwise not work with.









“The International Award for Young People – Israel” operates 30 branches across Israel, and can be delivered by teachers and other community educators, under the guidance and supervision of the Award staff in Israel and the International Award Foundation in London.  Each participant is guided by an older Award Leader who is trained in the Award methodology and works closely with a local and experienced Field Coordinator. All Award Leaders and Field Coordinators are guided by and report to the professional staff members at the Award headquarters in Israel. 

Participants are recruited through municipal or educational settings such as municipal youth divisions, schools, youth villages, community centres, after-school clubs, and youth centres. They are divided into groups according to their age for the duration of the activity year (October – June/July).

The multicultural meetings that take place as part of the Award programme enable immediate and direct communication amongst participants. These young people, who often come from very different backgrounds, are able to overcome barriers and misperceptions with those who are different than they are. These opportunities for meeting “the other” as an equal, lead to creating a generation of young people who are more open and accepting, and create a new social dialogue for a more tolerant and understanding society.

Doing the Award in Israel

Personal Activity

At every level each participant is required to choose an activity in each of the four sections.  As participants advance from one level to the next, they are required to devote more time and effort to their weekly Award activity. An increase in time and effort enhances the participants’ commitment to and persistence with the programme, and requires increased maturity and responsibility. Each participant creates her/his own plan which meets the required criteria of the level they are doing with the help of their Award Leader. The variety of activities that each participant can choose from is almost unlimited, reflecting their lifestyle choices and personal passions.

Group Activity

In addition to each participant’s individual activity, group meetings take place on a weekly basis led by the Award Leader. Throughout the year, participants can also take part in multicultural seminars and leadership activities, at the district and national level, meeting participants from other branches and gaining access to different training workshops in areas such as leadership, communications, etc. 


 International Activity

Since the Award operates in 144 countries and territories, participants in Israel have the opportunity to meet young people from other countries. The joint activity could include planning and participating in an adventurous journey, planning and doing a joint “residential project”, as well as joint seminars and mutual volunteering activities.

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